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About Namibia

Made up of seven cluster regions, with some comprising sub-regions, Namibia is a country of infinite opportunities and diversity, from its topography and people to its culture and wildlife. Yet, despite the variety in its offerings throughout the various regions, Namibia remains one of the most beautiful countries worldwide, offering travellers a kaleidoscope of activities and adventures to enjoy during their stay in the land of contrasts.

Whichever region captures your imagination, you can be assured of a holiday experience second to none. Namibia charms its way into your soul, ensuring that even though you will leave Namibia after your trip, Namibia will never leave you. There is a good chance you will return to this land of endless horizons to explore its hidden treasures further.

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Weather & Climate

Namibia is truly a country of “blue skies and sunshine”, and experiences on average 300 days of sunshine in a year and is the aridest country in Southern Africa. Namibia has mostly a subtropical desert climate, however, extreme variances in temperature can be experienced in different seasons and geographic location. The Namib Desert experiences warm to hot days in the winter months (from June to September), but temperatures are known to drop considerably at night and can get freezing.

In Namibia, the summer months (Oct-Apr) can become hot with temperatures hitting 35°C or higher in the north and south. Winter days (May-Sept) are pleasant, but temperatures can become quite cold, dropping below zero in mid-winter.

The Coastal region is cooler and is free from rain for most of the year. Along the coast, fog conditions are quite common, although it does tend to lift in midmorning, settling in again during the late afternoons.

Summer months are long and occur from October to April. Average summer temperatures range from 20 degrees Celsius on the coast to 35 degrees Celsius in the central region. Temperatures can reach in excess of 40 degrees Celsius especially in the Namib Desert. 

The rainy season is divided into a short and a main rainy season. The short rainy season occurs between September and November – the main rainy season occurs between December to April. The rains are generally of short duration and bring much relief to the heat.


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