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As you know, it’s been a rough couple of years around the world with COVID-bringing the world to a screeching halt. We, in the Travel and hospitality space, were especially hit as everyone was asked to stay in to help stop the spread. We want to thank you for the resilience and support you offered us during this uncertain and trying time.

As a company we want to recognise your strength in enduring the times we went through and congratulate you for surviving this pandemic! We also want to take this time to salute the selfless and brave health workers and caregivers who gave their time and lives to fight this pandemic.



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However, the team at DK Tours and Safaris also recognise that the cruelty of the global pandemic seems limitless. So many broken promises, broken connections, broken hearts. We want to offer our most heartfelt condolences to those that lost loved one during this time and pray that you find hope in the gift of life that we continue to have!

The world is undoubtedly at the tail end of the pandemic and we continue to urge everyone to stay vigilant, follow regulations and please strongly consider getting vaccinated – we need you travelling again soon!

Post COVID travel trends for 2022…

As we begin a new year, we are excited at the prospect of receiving you again! Most countries (Zimbabwe and Southern Africa included) are now open to travellers as long as they have a valid negative PCR test and are vaccinated. As you read this, DK Tours and Safaris has already been receiving guests from all over the world and we can’t wait to have you with us!

Our team has been hard at work creating new packages and products just for you. As the world moves towards long trips, we have expanded our services to Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya and South Africa – in addition to our regular spectacular holidays we have already been giving you in Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls included), Zambia and Botswana!

This means you can plan long haul holidays that travel seamlessly across all these destinations. DK Tours and Safaris recommends travelling as a family. For health reasons and maximum comfort, we have packages that make sure your family travels as just “your family” without mixing up with other travellers from beginning to the end!

Since we are grateful for the support you have given us… in addition to other negotiated discounts we are offering our RETURNING GUESTS 15% off the full booking! Consider this a thank you gift from us!

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Changing for the better…

The past two years under the pandemic have made sure the world has changed for good and as a team we have embraced this change as well. Going through the pandemic has made us stronger, more resilient, added a lot more excitement and passion to how we do our work!

To show this, we have updated our company branding including an update to our iconic elephant family to a new Elephant face. We hope to embody the deep family bonds that elephants have, be highly sensitive and caring to your travel needs and display the attentiveness and sociability of elephants.

We have also added new products and travel packages as we begin anew after the global crisis. Our team still offer very tailor-made packages to suit every budget. We have added more destinations and grown our network of partners to make your next holiday with us even more memorable.

In addition, as a company, we have increased our responsibility to our community and have pledged to help community projects around Victoria Falls and the region. We are proud to say that a basketball tournament we have been helping sponsor for the past four years is growing bigger in 2022.

The tournament brings young boys and girls from the Victoria Falls and Hwange area to play with teams from all over the country, helping them avoid drugs, underage drinking and other negative social behaviour. This project also imparts important life skills to these young people.

You can talk to us to see how you can help out, or PACK FOR A PURPOSE, bring equipment or kits and jerseys these kids can use. Together we can do more!

Again thank you for being our partners in the past and hope that we can move forward together. We plan to keep the communication lines between you and us open, this means we will try and send you offers and travel discounts regularly.

If you book your trip with the promo code at the end of this newsletter you will get 10% or more off your next holiday for you… or any other person you recommend to us!


Brighton John Musaidzi

Travel Agent/Communications manager

PS – you received this email because we have communicated before. If you would like us to stop sending you these emails, you can subscribe or send us an email and we will immediately stop.

But if you would like non-stop travel discounts… just stay on board!

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